Different cases see website user experience concise atmosphere Design Guide

[core tips] how to make product design "concise atmosphere"? When you don’t have the inspiration, you might as well look at the advice in this article.

god horse is "concise atmosphere",


flat design is now popular will undoubtedly become the endorsement of the four words, the plane design also let people seem to leave before the vision brought new thinking, we found that many design methods are still very classic.

Whether it is

or the communication with customers and product manager in PK, in the N+1 still did not modify the inspiration, wish to learn about the following tips to save the market.

adjust the chart rate to change the impression

The addition of

pictures is the best way to change and replace the overall image immediately.


chart rate is often referred to in the format of a magazine: the ratio of the area of a picture in a page. A magazine page with a high percentage of a page will bring a youthful and active impression. On the contrary, it’s all written and the rate is 0. This page seems to be a lot more sedate.

enlarge the picture, increase the display space,

Although the

NetEase in the product of micro-blog has been tepid, but the big picture in the design of the overall revision let has a simple wave of flu, and every change of the cover image to refresh the login process every day also becomes interesting.



change picture ratio

can change chart rates even if all of them are pictures. The display of goods often have this picture listed in the form of squares design although general neat, but no change and visual focus, a few pictures will be merged into a display of special effects can produce stronger.


color blocks are repeated to form typeset

when the picture resources are not enough, such as message class information and pictures juxtaposed, you can use the same size of picture blocks to maintain the unity and simplicity of the interface.


uses icons instead of text

uses clear icons instead of text, which helps navigation and other operating areas separate from the text reading area.


creates rhythm,

you know, viewers and a simple poster design can also interact.

when you are 20 meters away, you will be attracted by the characters and colors on it