From the blog point of view the original content of the site

many webmaster may have their own personal blog, if it is independent domain name, may find that their website PR value rose particularly fast, and ALEXA ranking also rises very quickly. Xiao Shenyang lanhuazhi point: why is this?

I think it may be based on two aspects. One, content, two, links.

first, say the content, write your own blog, the originality of the content is beyond doubt. Are your things, some people are not convinced, my blog is not our own things, his rank is not high also this? You may be wrong, is that you reprint things, most people will have a desire for possession, then add one or two words, it is their own things. And blog update speed, so big brother is also very busy.

two, links. The blog’s chain is divided into two kinds, one is links, and two is reprinted links. Most of the links are blogs, so the older brother runs. That’s a good way to increase spider access. And reprinted links, will greatly increase their PR value. It’s important for the station master. For example, I have a new station, PR has been unable to go, and use my blog links, and the speed of rise may be faster.

, in the middle of the year, circulated a post saying it was some of the country’s leading PR7 blogs, and I think their secrets might be here.

next to the original content of the site, many webmaster most headache may be this, this is worse than JJ still terrible. I want to say, never mind, not everyone is a technical background, you want to do original content, you must lower your head and calm down. Originality is not so terrible. For example, someone is doing mobile phone technology website, OK, others have technology, I have no, I work a little, God helps those who help themselves. Goo (like person, b). I sort out other people’s technical posts, which in turn may be the original idea of hao123. I don’t have the skills, then I might be able to sort out other people’s technical stuff. After finishing, this is your own thing, because it is hard to tidy up. What are the design of the station, the industry stood, and so on, do not always think of traffic, and all the useful things are separated, that is the practice of technical station, and no technology, only from the integration of hands.

do you want to hear? Listen to the next chapter.