How to do local second hand station

insists on


made a local information center in 04 years. When he didn’t know how to get a good name, he called the information center. Since the domain name is more than 700 a year, it has not been done. I have now used the station for 2 years, the flow is not high, every day on more than 1000 IP, because they are not full-time do this line, so it did not spend much energy to do. In this just want to remind you to "insist", and do stop, don’t let it shut.

second program space plus domain name

Why does

call internal effort? That’s to choose a good space. It’s better to select a virtual host (hosted) in a local or surrounding city. Anyway, now the server is cheap, not running any big data, 1U hosting enough to use.

site procedures should also choose a good program. I know a friend using a dynamic program, the results have done 1 years before 200IP, what the most basic TITEL are XX used network. The page is like this, so do it now, IP.

domain name election, as far as possible to choose a local user can remember, such as my Shenzhen second-hand network is, some friends are area code, plus 8 or 2 area code, and what 2S?. Anyway, we all want to, as long as it is not too hard to remember.

third is the promotion of

promotion is divided into online and offline, online is online, first of all to talk about how I do online

add a little local QQ group, the group’s business card into your station name, such as my Shenzhen second-hand network, and then hang QQ 24*365 on the server,

and then go to the local Forum irrigation, signature to make their own station name and domain name. Cooperate with some local stations.

line is more advertising, using the printer crazy advertising, at night to paste. Don’t say this is not effective, this is actually very effective.

or make a mold, carve your station name and address, buy a bucket of paint, and brush on the wall. Chongqing second-hand computer, 20 thousand IP, this is the whole family out.