How to be a good station master

a good station master, there are many things you need to know. But even if you do, can you do it again,


first of all, you need to know that Internet is a promising career, but you need persistence, persistence, and persistence. Only persistent accumulation of their knowledge is the truth of success.

then, you need to have the ability to promote, because a good website will inevitably need publicity, publicity is not your help to promote your users, on this point, you can use the time to look at some of the SEO to write the soft Wen, promote your site for example I will promote my movie now in the website. In fact, a successful website needs to build a brand effect,


is cooperation, individual website stationmaster is no money, so the function with their own resources to change other people’s resources, do more about friendship connection, and some webmaster friends exchange, so that when you run in the official website, also won’t have force from the heart of the problem.

there is your editing and writing ability, collecting flood era, it is essential, only the original and pseudo original is one of the success of the shortcut


is your technology, you have no idea of the technology, so everything is empty, the changes in the market at the end of the era of measuring inside, you need to learn the strengths of others, so you need to have a certain technology to realize, others see the good place, made to move over, so many Tencent the product was born, but if you don’t have the technology of the premise, to the success of


summarize: in fact, the most important thing is to do it with persistence, site is a long-term career, only for a long time in a field, unremittingly efforts to succeed and achieve the highest level, is not going to stop.