How to improve the website index

one, the website includes

mainly Baidu, Google included improve, mainly rely on collection means.

two, PR value improved

PR value is equivalent to the site of a business card, showing the identity of the site, status, and the site itself is not much traffic flow, mainly rely on high-quality external links. The more quality external links are, the faster PR will be.

can buy 10 PR5 website links, 80 yuan per month, 800 pieces per month, 3 months may mention 5, you can also find SEO expert operation.

three, world ranking improved by

world ranking, to a certain extent and site traffic, but it must be installed the ALEXA Toolbar users browse only, but also can improve the site status, can use the brush flow to improve the way.

four, IP increase

relies mainly on search engines and external links and direct visitors.

to improve the ranking of keywords, website included, increase external links.

five, PV increase

The speed and quality of the

website is improved so that visitors can see more pages.

is a little bit more than a few months, I believe the wise remark of an experienced person within 3 months of the success of the IP increased to 6000IP / day PR3 Baidu included 240 thousand