Experience female website SEO share

Hello everyone. I am happy woman network editor wei. I have been in the field of web technology for four or five years. This year, under the guidance of * ye, make women’s websites. Personally experience the SEO process, of course, I have a superficial understanding of seo. After a few months, the site is still asleep. But it seems to be getting better these days. However, in the "brother degrees" constantly adjust the algorithm rankings floating, always called me nervous. Here in the following few months, I would like to share the website SEO operation experience.

and women strive to become the most professional women portal website, provide the most beauty skin care, slimming, fashion dress, body fitness, women’s health, parenting topic information, to provide the most professional service for female fashion, so that users get the latest fashion information of.

, the fastest and most professional

first, in order to have a good ranking web server must be awesome, choose a good server speed stability if the conditions can be selected independently of IP so as to reduce unnecessary K station transport velocity is relatively stable this OK.

second, the website should have good included, good rankings (although not updated snapshot snapshot ranking), which is the most important point: the site updated site must be updated every day, update here must pay attention to several issues;

1, update time problem, if conditional, the website updates the world to have regular, be helpful for training Baidu spider crawl law. Site visit.

2, the quality of the article, the original thing, we humans will like, of course, Baidu spider is the same, he also likes the original things. There is time to write a little money, you can ask people to write, no time, no money, can be original. This does not introduce the original method, if necessary, this knowledge can leave a message or we exchange together.

third, the website is not the website structure optimization, not only have a gorgeous coat to provide a more comfortable experience and attention must be paid to the structure optimization of the internal code of the website, including website keywords website introduces vocabulary writing style CSS style (according to my understanding of the most mainstream DIV+CSS but no master this can also use table).

fourth, the website connects

site connection, including station connection and station outside connection, station connection is very clear, I believe everyone is more than I want to know, here is not much to introduce.

outside the station connection, this is quite important, I think he can not only bring traffic to the site, but also an important way to visit Baidu spider.

fifth access to off site connections:

BBS blog, micro-blog soft Wen friendship connection. The first few, I think we all know how to operate, but friendship connection should pay attention to friendship connection >