t is a wise choice for startups to buy servers and customize them on demand

as the saying goes: Yinianzhiji is spring, with the Spring Festival joyful atmosphere faded, once again usher in the return to work away from home at the moment the frenzy, I believe many of my friends have a new year plan, some new work is eager to find more optimal treatment and better development, while others are with her partners the establishment of venture company; and the traditional enterprise is gaining momentum, I hope the new year enterprises can calculate, the mobile Internet in the cloud to obtain new opportunities for the development of a number of areas, the building since the business development and information system came into being. However, all of this requires enterprises with good infrastructure, while the server is a focus of enterprise infrastructure, can be said to be the Internet business to achieve rapid development of power, therefore, the purchase of the server is very important. According to customer surveys and years of industry operating experience, the early start-up companies is not IT procurement staff, general staff for the server know and very shallow, and most of the traditional enterprise though is slightly better, but when facing a real buy server due to the lack of professional knowledge also has the misunderstanding of select examples be too numerous to enumerate. Then, how to choose the server is reasonable? Customers often appear what misunderstanding, then, the nine river network simply for everyone to explain the purchase of those servers.

common selection error one: the server is a highly configurable PC products, I can use PC instead of server

is particularly important to correctly understand the essence of the first server server, we can understand it as a kind of high performance computer, mainly for the various network client service request is given and the corresponding service; but it is not an ordinary PC, although the composition of both are similar, also have the processor, memory, hard drives, but they are from the first to solve the different network application there is a big difference, so the server compared to PC in the stability, safety and reliability, but there is a big advantage to expand etc. Despite the current rapid development of PC products, but in the future, this difference will be more and more obvious, along with the requirements for network data processing capability and safety and other aspects of the development of the network technology continues to improve, the high performance server is not only reflected in the safe operation of high speed operation ability and long time, it the performance may be in a higher level.

is the server is highly configurable PC products of this misunderstanding, many people have the idea of using PC instead of the server, the main reason is the current PC machine can meet the operation of the server operating system hardware requirements, plus the price difference between the two, many customers choose PC products to save money. But the actual situation is PC although also has the performance of processor and memory and hard disk storage capacity of the server, but the technology behind them is vastly different, such as the internal complexity of data storage and multi platform network application development, which requires the server can all-weather 24 hours of uninterrupted work efficiently, and the performance of ordinary PC machine no full.