Find pleasure in repetitive actions and repeat habits

repeats a similar job every day, repeated every day, long time will gradually lose passion, I do not know whether the webmaster will encounter such a situation. Life and doing a station are always a process of repetition. Life is eating every day, sleeping, going to work; doing the station is updated every day, constantly updated. If you don’t have new surprises every day, will you start complaining about the repetition of your life?

finds pleasure in repeated work every day.

Before the

graph king said "website as a living creature, put it up". The site is every day to repeat the same action, long time will inevitably feel tired, how to put the site work, how to find the fun in the process? Graph king is now in charge of the Admin5 forum FAQ section, the Q & a section before tepid, now has a thriving, figure king find pleasure in management section better and better, more and more happy mood. If you don’t change your mind, the questions and answers section will continue to be lost in the management process.

personal webmaster website is such a process, the station early everything is very new, will adhere to the update to the original every day, a long time, but in no case results in return, confidence and enthusiasm, the website business started to relax. Website did not improve, the mentality of operating websites become worse, do not find a happy reason to stand, the more the site is operating, the less ideal. The webmaster should learn to graph king attitude adjustment, actively seeking to do station fun website quicker, with a positive attitude to business.

repeat the work and continue to do it, and form a habit.

these days I often go to understand the QQ space, every visit will see new logs, I feel very fruitful. Understanding QQ space, the amount of visits has exceeded 1000IP/ days, the number of historical visits has reached 205479, this figure in the number of non public figures of Q-zone visitors is quite high. Why does his space have so many visitors every day, because his space is updated almost every day, every day at least one original article, and each log will give readers some useful information. Many of the views and summary of the article, it is worth learning. So visitors formed a sticky, I read the first time, I would like to visit second times, third times, so the space flow more and more.

understands, says, he also pays close attention to the visitor quantity of QQ space, every day sees flow increase, very happy. I don’t know what the driving force is to keep up with it. He updates his diary every day. He has become accustomed to it and should find pleasure in it. Repeat every day, every day the original article, adhere to every day, has formed a habit of life. It is easier to continue working every day as a habit. When used to be natural, it is not so hard to do it.

simple things to repeat, this is life >