Do stand tired get a blog relax

do stand for many years, feel his heart gaunt, some ideas no one can know, can only open their own blog, in the blog to express some of their views.

In fact,

would write a blog, but it is mostly for yourself, as ziyuzile. Or record some life experience, their work experience, or is reproduced in some good articles. It is for yourself, don’t mind others can not see. Don’t care about anyone to comment, do not care about the flow of the blog.

after seeing some of the enterprise blog, blog to recognize only one more step exactly is to have a new understanding of the enterprise before the blog, and not too concerned about this, although I was almost every day on the GOOGLE blog, GOOGLE to understand what people are thinking. GOOGLE also learned Chinese company through it to publish some information. But never realize that everyone can use their own enterprise blog to promote their own. Of course, this requires a good platform. The need for experienced bloggers to share their experiences.

people often say that the network is virtual, behind the machine in Taiwan and Taiwan, we face the most is what we don’t know a stranger. And when the world changes through the network when we can do many things in our life, we found that the virtual network is actually behind a real I.


blog was originally just a recording of my own thoughts, a platform to record their life mark, and when the front plus two words into a business enterprise blog, it becomes another meaning of different platform. Here, we can not only promote their own business, own product technology also, like the ordinary blog, to record our life, to work, to social thoughts. We can also through this platform and many did not share their experiences met friends. Of course we may meet and make friends for life for.

this blog through their years of experience, you can easily understand that, in the virtual network behind, actually is a real you and me. And through the virtual network, is not only to show the real you and me, can also make life friend


finally, hope some friends stand if you do stand too much pressure, no one to talk, not to build their own blog, write some articles, even if few people also never mind, when his heart release, and you can share with others, not every two