How to set up new core competitive power of personal website

in one of my webmaster group, constantly humble old and new Adsense ask everyone’s opinion, how to make your website do more characteristic. Investigate its basic, that is how to make a personal website more core competitiveness.

in accordance with the current domestic Internet environment, even if the supervision is heavy, there are still many friends are willing to enter the ranks of individual webmaster, and want to get further development in it. From the beginning of the development of personal website crawl type, mere patchwork development still has certain practical value, but because of the personal website of the low barriers to entry leads to the increasing number of higher degree of homogeneous competition has become fierce. To win a personal website, you must try to make your website different from your competitors in terms of what the target user thinks is interesting and has its own advantages.


will be based on experience to talk about a few find ways to build the core competitiveness of the new individual station in the current Internet market.

1, differentiated positioning capabilities

this method looks simple, but it’s easy to get lost in practice. Perhaps some webmaster friends still stay in the personal website development early pursuit of "big and all" mode, think wide net can always catch some users. Although the way wide net in the short term can be effective, but if taking into account since the development of Internet users to obtain information channels is very diverse, the bigger whole, how can the personal website to compete in a threatening manner four big portal? And if things go on like this time and effort, head of the investment is very large, it could be difficult for continued.

has a master said he had a female net, but the amount of users has been pushed up, open his site is like a female or female version of sina NetEase, content classification is very much, such as clothing, beauty, body, emotions, and even have a child. This kind of website makes one look characteristic is not bright enough, if the user wants to get rich content, better go to big website directly. A classification I tell him to choose one to do the fine, the site to locate a professional website, for example, lose weight hand hair net is this kind of forms.

2, the ability to use assistive tools

is a video website owners told me that his community two weeks before the installation of a Xtalk online chat plug-in, statistics found that registrations increased by 8% than not installed before, PV increased by 13%, the average residence time of the user are long.

this is a very good example, SNS is a good channel to improve customer loyalty, even if some communities can be established with friends, but because of the information transmission and non real-time operation process of complicated reasons, the utilization rate is not high. Choosing the right tools is helpful to consolidate your website’s friendship and enhance your website’s activity. Some SNS games, such as farms and parking spaces, have been touted for the time being, and so are the contributions to the website, but each product has a certain life cycle, and it’s helpful to discover new tools