For the first time we will hold the experience of gathering the party under the Beijing line

this is a little bit of my personal experience to share, the first organized loose VIP membership to Flower House Coffee Party (Asian Sports Village), in my opinion, this party is a failure, I hope you learn a lesson.


(since the camera failed to restore the system, the camera as the virtue of the fog)


line of the party organization is a very troublesome thing, must first determine the number, and then determine the time and place, there is a notice, I just don’t love trouble, participated in so many meetings, now feel the organizers is not easy.

in my opinion, it’s always better to meet and chat online than in the line, especially for the simple gathering of friends. I always thought it would be better to talk to each other about ten times with QQ. So I’ve been thinking of organizing a party, because there are so many friends in Beijing.

in view of participating in so many conferences, finally summed up a truth: the bigger the meeting, often become advertising conference. Usually, a meeting of thousands of people is often meant to meet old friends.

and about 10 people, a small gathering, can talk about many things, not just 10 people, just got a table for dinner.

party for another reason, I want to pay for you from the bottom of my heart is a friend to do something, because the problem before the "objective about training and pay circle problem" I said: in fact, every circle paid circle, no matter how great circle. In fact, the number of active people will not exceed 30%, generally not more than 20%, and this expression in the 20-30% "expression emperor" also accounted for a part, there are only pay no "flow".

someone in the group payment, but rarely speak, they do not exchange, never spoke to me, sometimes I wonder, you joined VIP demands in the end is what? So in order to activate the communication between all members, since you don’t love online chat, the chat meet well.

failed: there is no host, with silence

this meeting, I intended to be able to understand all of you, and lay the foundation for the second meeting and cooperation.

on the same day, a total of 16 people, there are specially from Hebei, Langfang to catch up with Liu Weilong, from Shandong, Ji’nan, Zhao Zhiyang, this is what I can not think of.

Liu Weilong now to get a sum of millions of funds in Langfang, ready to do a car of the mall, the office has been renovated; and Zhao Zhiyang, in addition to doing a very narrow electrical industry website, did not think there are many electronic devices such as tablet, mobile phone resources, these second tier brands, can get cheap goods from Guangdong also, OEM.

if you don’t meet, the information is simply beyond the reach of you.

there are many more