Guo Jijun’s webmaster Summit Forum


           ;   he used to work as a locksmith and a stall; he was once net police for his website; please go to coffee for two times…… He had many stories in the webmaster; he has not received higher education, is out and out "grassroots", his personal website, success among the national traffic 500 in just three years time will be able to! Now, but he is willing to give up this once brought him out of the big profit site, buried in his fast allusion net for more than a year — a retreat by most of the people think there is no profit pattern language tool website.

                in the webmaster Heroes (XiAn Railway Station) guest forum, Guo Jijun and all the webmaster to share website experience.


;       profit model: don’t put your money in one basket

                the first time we call IBM, we found that this is unlikely, and find some new ways in some forums, found Baidu and so on, think this kind of advertising is the only way we can find, we find it is, at that time three per month to five thousand yuan, to 2007, there is a time to attend the meeting, that can support me, this time have a chance to catch some of the others did not expect things to do, in 2007 in Beijing when there is a meeting, the meeting are sitting in front of the guests, and the rear railings separated, I once met a lot of Internet for the rapid development of the influential man, our company has played a decisive role.

 :        ;       how do we do this as we are in advertising type and mode? This is a very realistic problem of survival. Now advertising, one is selling advertising, one is selling services, and the other is selling products, such as Taobao these. We are still in the initial stages, making the cheapest, that is, advertising. I have rarely advertised since I started the fast track, and of course I can’t put all my money in one basket.