How to promote the game forum in the current form

game site for more than two years, summed up their promotion methods, to share with you, we hope to help.

1, soft Wen promotion:

game station of the role of soft Wen is not just increase the number of Web site, attract Baidu spider, more can get quite large user group, for not often play the game can skip this paragraph. Of course, the soft is also on the game experience, experience, writing method with normal text is not much difference, but not in the direct adding links, select the bottom and the source of their only. Soft Wen submitting inferred: 5173 52PK play, 131 game home, 52NZ and other large game portal. You must choose the opposite game station to contribute according to what you have written.

2, QQ group promotion:

Q group’s biggest feature is that there are fixed user groups, because there are common topics, so contact will be more closely. By adding some game, small game team like Q group, because some large game has its own guild website, select teams and small game team group, are relatively cohesive, saying qinzeixianqinwang, so as to fix his head, everything is OK, all the team itself needs a forum where everyone is looking for the Q group each one takes what he needs, so the probability of success is high

3, Baidu Post Bar promotion:

Baidu post bar is not like before, and now about WG stick bar has been closed, and IE vulnerability has been harmonious, so previously used WG Post Bar boot click method will not work. In this, I recommend you find some new online games, and then contact the game for the official number of internal testing, of course, in the name of the game guild to obtain, there are also some games on the game community. Give him the game, put an advertisement, open a section, help him to publicize, be afraid of people not happy, but only for the company that does not have reputation relatively, small game runs a group. See some games to play test or novice card, Baidu game Post Bar in a noisy, can be used to answer, can also send a title, write: game test number (novice card) leave your mailbox. And then change their own number, immediately reply from the post, the two floor accounted for, and the two floor hair their own web site, specifically how to write, can attract people, we can rely on their own thinking. You see this post, all KuangDing, so you don’t have someone to help you is as easy as blowing away the dust, dry toil, and the site to a lot of people.

4, find the game co authors:

auxiliary game is not equal to WG, the game now has the answer, do answer, add your website, sent to the Internet, popularity is certainly did. I can’t do it, I can find someone to cooperate with, and let somebody do it, then count IP, Download 6 for every 1000, many authors are willing to do it. Own in the forum annex outside install a download interface, put two popups can pay the money, so that the website can come to oneself, and not lose