Enhance logistics experience Taobao Four Golden Delicious store layout

Author: Wu Fei m,

in the premise of good products, warehousing and logistics development will enable consumers to experience a sharp rise in logistics, which will also become the next growth point of the store.


electricity providers self built logistics, off-site build their own storage, has long been new. As early as two or three years ago, some proprietary B2C electricity supplier enterprises have chosen self built logistics, such as Jingdong, suning.com, Yi Xun, customers and so on. A storage center has become an important part of the layout, vip.com has more than 100 thousand square meters in the area of logistics and warehousing, warehouse brewmaster network has covered more than half of the capital city, and Jingdong will warehousing center in the national construction 20 to 40 of all the electricity. But with the emergence of "rookie" network, logistics and warehousing pattern will be changed, which also accelerated the electricity supplier logistics warehousing layout attention and investment.

in the past, invested a lot of money in various positions, it seems that those electricity providers capital darling of the capital game, and now, different positions began to become a powerful weapon in the competition of electricity suppliers. With the gradual decline in Taobao bonuses, competition between shops has been white hot, in the premise of good products, but also entered the era of speed and back-end services competition. For many large sellers, a warehouse has been unable to meet their increasingly large and geographically diverse customer base, set up its own storage system in various places, has become an important part of the back-end force.

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shop’s own situation, seek to establish its own storage center of the appropriate address, one can save logistics costs, on the other hand it can improve the speed of logistics distribution nearby, this model will rise slowly in the Taobao store. In June this year, Taobao four gold shop after another cloud officially mother in Wuhan established a warehouse, off-site Jiancang can be said to be the store layout of logistics and warehousing, that back to force, but also to normal operation process of enterprises to bring the test. The author interviewed on the scene, for everyone to unlock the warehouse layout of the clouds, and how Wuhan warehouse in a short period of time to see results.

sub location, the cost is large

as Taobao’s mother and child category leader of the Four Golden Delicious shop, the clouds also did not ignore the layout of the warehouse logistics above, two months ago, its official establishment in Wuhan warehouse. It is understood that a cloud in 2009 to 2010, has reached 300%~400% growth rate. However, with the Jingdong, No.1 shop and other platform providers to enter, the growth rate of shops declined year by year, from 2011 to 2012 growth rate of 70%~80%, while last year’s growth rate has been lower than 50%. The Jiancang, the main purpose is to expand the store, and create new growth points.

with the development of the store, the Shanghai Department of storage has begun to stretch the gap, which allows a cloud started in logistics, warehousing layout. After a period of inspection, a cloud >