Listen to other people’s entrepreneurial sentiment a good state of mind is the best guarantee of s

listen to other people’s entrepreneurial sentiment, their own business has a very good help, and the following Xiaobian to listen to it!

[1992] entrepreneurial path, just graduated from the University of Zhou Qi points to a research work, less than half a year, he decided to "go south". To Guangzhou, Shenzhen, originally "cattle" Zhou Qi feel what is not, to the Hongkong real estate broker when most willing to play cowboys". The "bag" after half a year, he began to "solo", have some experience, also with clothing brand management. 1996, Zhou Qi returned to Wuxi, opened a brand clothing store, 1 years later will be a small ticket out of the store. After making money, he once again floating up, eat and drink, the money quickly squandered. At this time Zhou Qi, into the lowest point in life. In order to survive, he can only go to a "". Until 1999, he entered the Jitong communications company, life is stable.

by the network in recent years the development of the East, after a lot of hard work, Zhou Qi founded the "Kuaiwei network" very influential, headquarters to Hongkong, he set up 6 branches throughout the country, orders poured in, business is growing exponentially, Zhou Qi began to consider playing Capital Management School enterprise, cooperation with foreign power, Nepal and other countries to develop new business.


] business sentiment


sentiment: Entrepreneurial mentality must be peace.


Zhou Qi said, five or six years after graduating from University, he often anxious, clap to clap thigh idea, to be launched, spank leave, in such a state of mind is certainly not the most important entrepreneurial success, the accumulation of. After surface reflection, he summed up his have a lot of experience, but the lack of the knowledge management system. Therefore, although the salary is relatively low, he still chose to enter the Jitong management, this is a Kuaiwei network later "".

"CISCO" brand in the United States did he consider, many of my friends advised him: "the product is so expensive, can sell a few sets a month?" Zhou Qi smiled, but secretly put the whole Chinese