Grassroots webmaster consider in the end what station can make profit

does a website, operation website can make money, it is the pursuit of broad root stationmaster friend forever. But the real grassroots webmaster can make money how much? How many grassroots webmaster left the Internet and engaged in other industries, how many new grassroots webmaster to join in? Every webmaster will make a profit that can stand, but the efforts have not been harvested. There are too many ways to profit from the website. Nothing more than advertising earned by traffic, by selling links, by publishing soft text, relying on hard advertising, relying on network marketing products and so on.

network also introduced a lot of site profit model, in order to produce a variety of types of web sites. A few days ago met a 90 webmaster, typical grassroots webmaster. He makes websites that I’m not flattered about, simple DZX programs. Made a rights complaints site. Of course I don’t detail, you may guess the profit method about the above, he collected a lot of fraud exposure information, there are a large number of complaints information, also can let members online publishing information. He told me, and even gave me his earnings screenshots, really very cattle, 2 people in a day to find him delete complaints posted. Delete one is 500 yuan, and the 2 is 1000 yuan. This can be regarded as a month’s salary for a dustman. According to his conservative estimate, he earns 100 thousand a year. Of course, he can make money, also paid a lot of hard work. Often update the website, organize the complaint information issued by members, collect the cheater information on the network.

I start the website, pay attention to is beautiful atmosphere, but ignore the website, the ultimate goal is profit. Although doing this kind of website has the thing that has moral character to a certain extent, but he earned money actually, of course I do not teach everybody to say, do this to be able to make money, everybody makes complain network. Now personal Adsense can do what station? Movie network can not do, this thing involves the copyright issues, Youku and Tudou frequently lawsuit. Do a navigation site, there is no place to flow, and done is a decoration. A good domain name, not good at promotion is no good.

I want to say is, suggest grassroots webmaster or do some vertical class web site. After all, these types of websites, network giants do not go in deep. Like some small industry, the industry can really make big flow. To the future development of e-commerce sites, using web sites to engage in marketing, selling actual products, is indeed a long-term route, grassroots webmaster who can consider. But try not to sell fake and shoddy products. Such a road won’t last long. Taobao regulations are more and more, more and more stringent requirements. So many webmasters will consider building independent websites to deal with what Taobao calls policies. Independent website combined with Taobao shop is also a future direction of development.

also some webmaster friends say, do portal website. I’m here to explain the so-called portal, not to say a news release, home, like Sina, NetEase is a portal. In fact, the portal contains many categories