A letter from A5 user to Wang Zhang Zhengjun

Daily article

I started today! Studio received a small case, early work, is still not sure what to write, write well, I more than 1 years of global ADMIN5 feel it, though I was little, but often N small figures of thought are COPY, you are so he wanted to think that too! Can draw a plurality of small figures of opinion can synthesize big


first talk about past rights (the liar King district responsible for the flaws for a period of time) (2-3 months) to study mixed astepping-stone to success, I do not know why back disappeared, perhaps the name, perhaps because of privacy issues, perhaps because framed, no matter what reason I think the forum is still necessary the ADMIN5 can implement the reporting system, and then accepted the evidence collection, submit the Justice Department, 1 200 yuan may not pay attention to the police, but 1 months 100 200 yuan police he had hard! Of course, if the piece which has better direction when I talk nonsense! (if the workload how busy money can be accepted, 5 yuan for a single, certainly the most willing to cheated this bowl of a money outlet) to find a


then, I think ADMIN5 is the most important reason is because today is definitely graph king connections, because if there is no good social, no good contacts who will do intermediary transactions are not so successful, at least not so fast, and ADMIN5 should seize the current webmaster circle is hot, the enthusiasm of more than Fans some functions, such as some entertainment, statistics, what (download could promote), perhaps the first effect is not obvious, but I believe that ADMIN5 will depend on strong connections, strong credibility to do it, at least I think ADMIN5 do statistics should not be worse than CHINAZ, there is a hooligan good technology, but CHINAZ personal feeling or not hide ADMIN5 light, do not know how to express, so to speak, as a webmaster in 3 I think 2 people can not CHINAZ, But will ADMIN5 see what transaction information! So the advantage is still there, don’t think the market has no need for new statistics, YAHOO statistics on IP 2W why people did not shut down? It must be profitable, and I believe that ADMIN5 will have only to place, this is also the reason why I love ADMIN5 of course! If they reach an agreement and a Jiang days when I did not say

!Also I think

ADMIN5 editor should consider a change of system, you can search using the search engine, a lot of people dissatisfied with the editor of ADMIN5, some people even said is not with the eyes, just look at the beginning and the end! I feel really need to edit this reform, see what is the biggest station of course resources is a stumbling block?! but every day Jibaijiqianjiwanjishiwan webmaster provide free resources (or the original majority) actually would be so wasted that whether people.