How to prevent website drop right in SEO

believes that many webmaster in the most headache in SEO optimization is the site is down right Baidu, you can reduce your site is down right? I think right is mainly to prevent the drop site stability, first we look at several features of the site was down the right key: No, ranking Baidu included a large number of reduced, it is not only the home page or home page, the chain to reduce the phenomenon of. You can check it by site and see the relevant collection. If we will be down the right way to restore the site like weight, today I take my personal experience to talk about how to prevent the fall right, for everyone to learn, of course, only some of my personal views and share, of course, SEO is a long-term learning process, but also do mutually continuous learning.

1: server stability: let’s start with the external hardware environment. After the website is built, the choice of stable server is very important, do not appear often server is attacked, in virus, power cut, start from the phenomenon such as new, the speed to server is best to be able to be faster. Because these indicate that your site is unstable, Baidu is very objectionable. At the same time, do not often change the site server, maintain the stability of the site in order to maintain weight.


2: to set key words, site inside the selected keywords have many skills, that we are here not long winded, keywords in the description, the title bar to display, and the keywords once laid down, do not arbitrarily change the stability of.

keywords, this is also the site of the

3: rich in content, do not appear dead connection. Website optimization process, as far as possible to make your website rich in content, the content of their web site, such as products related to the content of the sub page must be rich. In order to make good and good Baidu included. So, on the child’s web page, do not have bad connections or fail to open them.

4: update regularly. This is when you update the child page, the content of the update every day has a certain law, for example, update 3 content every day. Do not appear one day, not updated, one day and dozens of updates. Similarly, the news is the same, update the article must be regular. Yes, it’s easy to be dropped by Baidu K, think you’re cheating. In time, it is best to have the law, so that it can easily be included in Baidu, because once there is a regular, then the spider will go to


, go over there and get new articles.

5: the chain to the law, to increase the chain of time, go to some weight higher web up, like A5, the article can be included in a few minutes. In addition, in doing the chain, as far as possible to disperse, so that weight dispersed, but also only to prevent the site is K or drop power. Because once your account has been blocked, all of your chains are gone. It’s like not suggesting putting eggs in one basket. Increase the chain also has a certain regularity.

6: looking for friends in the chain, SEO, we all do some friends chain, many people think that PR is also high, the higher the weight. For >