Experience summary several techniques for keeping Baidu ranking

today is the first day of August; many people can start at the beginning of the month to collect the money. Why?. Ha ha, last month’s ranking keeps good, this month’s money has landed. I received three orders last month. The rankings are pretty good. Think of the money today, you can pay the bill, and think about it, or quite happy.

, let me introduce my ranking method,

: the first day to update; update time to maintain unity, is the best time in the morning morning. Because this sometimes Baidu is to grab time.

second: every day to find an external link can; that outside links, in fact, the PR value is not very important; the best is the home page is not down right; home update time earlier a little better.

third: regularly check your external links, whether or not to drop the right, or Baidu banned; if you suggest the link down, otherwise you will be implicated. (http://s.check.linkhelper.cn/) a good external links search website

fourth: there is a keyword ranking tool, very easy to use (http://s.flashplayer.cn) download, the daily report sent to the customer. Customers will think you are very serious and responsible to help him do it; to increase your faith; Oh, to help the better and deeper cooperation. Ha ha,

fifth: if a keyword is out of rank. Don’t wait to learn to calm analysis; and then make adjustments; the most important thing to do SEO a mentality, hee hee

sixth: outside links can you want to promote the keywords prevail, small station, new station is not suitable for commission, there are a lot of the chain Oh, appropriate as well. You can see the above six points. You can start the Baidu optimization just like me. At the moment, the food is delicious and try hard. SEO is an experience skills; to do the SEO industry to keep learning the latest methods; Baidu Google latest algorithm is that we have to challenge the object oh. Knowledge has no limit.!!!


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