16 years old walked into the nternet world experience

has been in stationmaster net all in nearly half a year, at the beginning of time, and everyone is a do not understand the site of ordinary people, to the entrance, the website trading four words in the second row from the Baidu search which is the (now is in the first row of points in. Fancy, and finally forged a deep edge out here. The forum that leads every day now is the webmaster trading forum. How to say, how to feel that there seems to be angry, like the laggards fortunately, a lot of people, what people have, good and bad, man, woman, master, rookie, together. May this is the forum of vitality because of it, different demands and different needs of


a period of unexpected love, at the beginning of the time, I still buy as a person’s identity, and remember that the first fancy is a movie station, using the MAX program, there were about 400IP then. The seller sold me 200, which is not expensive at the moment. But I was a student then. 200 ah, looks quite a bit, a little distressed ah, so it was nothing. The second thing I value is an entertainment portal. It’s nice. Contact this guy and ask him how he sells it, 100 bucks. "Quack," thought to himself, "it’s cheap.". And the operation is relatively simple, oh, ready to buy. But look, after much deliberation, think or do a good dating station. Perhaps this is what I am in the environment for the sake of! And he said yes, he gave me a good, second days to give him money, so that, on the second day, he gave me the time he gave me the station. I always feel dissatisfied, say this say that, he is agitated, "what do you mean, well done, just say so?"……" Being scolded by him, Khan, I can only say that I do not mean that, I do not want, just want perfect. Finally apologized to him, said how to deal with it, I want, and hey, more cattle, he listened to me so even give the site free of charge to me. Now I realize that it’s good to be a civilized person, but I didn’t either. In this way, the more we talked, the more we finally bowed to him as a teacher. I can’t believe it. Buy a station and buy a station as a teacher. He and I do I stand behind the learning skills is a more creative person, before doing my own blog and then do the free self-help Station (or with people of the two domain names.) now and then to help others do stand. The change is not people think of ~~


and master’s study gave me an idea of how to use FTP to let me know what these are the common types of ASP, PHP, ASP, and NET. Let me know what is CMS, how to use various types of CMS, although some CMS is not very good, but at least one of a learning! The teacher teach only on the surface, more important is to study slowly, often Baidu search on all kinds of techniques and the video tutorial, a time when watching there are a lot of articles cannot read words, cannot read the words copied down, Baidu search, search to understand, but it is also the main.