How to do a good job of location and operation of local gate website

I started from the end of 2006 to do the local portal site, do the first web site is: Guangshan network is Henan, Xinyang province Guangshan County portal. Subsequently, the gateway to Henan, Xinyang – tea hotline and Guangzhou living community – Guangzhou MIX community. After two years of operation, we have learned the experience and share it with you.

1, Yuzuo local portal, the first location. If you want to be a local gateway, you must do a good job of positioning. The main users of the portal and what services to provide, and most places already have portal, we have to plug in it, must be different, take suction to the member, get rapid development. Positioning is entertainment, SNS, dating, or business, classification, news, tourism or what, mainly based on local conditions and competitors analysis. Personal experience: at present, it is feasible to do some local tourism and friends to gather some popularity.

2, find competitors shortcomings, decisive attack. Now, most of the city has a portal, and we participate in the competition, we must find its shortcomings and lack of popular places, with the front of the positioning of the same, do not duplicate, so doing very tired. Such as Xinyang local gateway about three, one is Xinyang life information port, one is Xinyang net, I do is tea hotline: The site started early, gathered a certain popularity, but the format seem old-fashioned, I will change the direction of the design style is more active and local characteristics, has the affinity, also as a local tourism, life, entertainment website, which provides more local customs, tourism and netizens question.

3 and information release need to be cautious. Do local stations, local governments can not pay attention to, and ultimately related to government content. Some netizens will release some sensitive topics, especially careful and timely, once a day to check, especially in the Olympic Games and the 0 earthquake, and other critical period should pay special attention to. In local news reports, Baidu search, GOOGLE recommended news, the news is the most, and other major portals, we reproduced in particular, to indicate the source, so that more people feel safe. And these news readability is strong, mainly for Internet users, not like local

The news of the

government is old-fashioned and doesn’t read very well. And don’t leave too many personal real information on the website, so as to avoid future trouble. My Henan Guangshan portal – Guangshan network: which users have malicious criticism the fire brigade, the relevant departments two times to buy ads for want to get in touch with me, because I personally more cautious, not controlled.

4, to strengthen communication with members, to attract popularity. Website popularity is indispensable, local portal simply attract other places, users little significance, mainly for local users. Use one’s life or have been living locally, familiar with local conveniences