Let Baidu quickly included and updated approach

experience 1: initial link building

1. new sites do, find 3~5 friends exchange links, as long as 3~5 enough.

2. do not pay attention to each other’s PR and correlation, as long as the other side often updated, did not cheat, included good, you can.

experience two: use popular forums:

1. popular forum, the theme for the night, to modify, add links (then owner rest), the more the better


2. to Baidu post, pay attention to moderate. (my experience is the morning to go, why it slept shellfish, and then the spiders are more diligent, do not go too hot post, post sinking fast. In the latest post, followed by a reply, add a connection)

experience three: appropriate use of Baidu know

I do a good job in the new station, in addition to exchange links, but also to Baidu know, find relevant questions to answer, and attached to the link. Here are 8 points of empirical analysis:

1. pay attention to answer in the "problem to be solved" so that you can leave a link.

2. for the related questions to answer, you can use the keyword search, let your answer seems to be valuable, not just to find a problem to link and scribble.

3. in the answer to the question page, there is no other export links: so you add the page after only one export links, spiders want to climb outside, you have to go this way.

4. looks for more pages of text: for example, someone has answered hundreds of words, and you have to add a link to it. This kind of page will increase the relevance of your link.

5. I only answer 2 questions at a time, leaving a 1~2 link for each question. I’m afraid to leave too many links in a few minutes, causing Baidu attention. Of course, this may be my worry.

6. if you can not find the right question, can register multiple Baidu account, ask the answer, the quality of the page will be higher.

7. to solve the problem of the page, Baidu are not included, you can find a few to solve the problem of URL, to Baidu search, try. When you answer the question, then follow the pages of the collection, once the page is included, your page is fast. If again happen to Baidu index update, included efficiency will be surprisingly high.

8. repeat the above steps (pay attention to moderation, grasp yourself)

did the above 3 things, general 3~5 days, Baidu will include your home page, SITE change to 1. If you haven’t been included in the week, wait, wait 20 days, SITE is still 0, and the reason why Baidu rejects you is

1., your website involves pornography, politics and other illegal content.