About 01 products the user needs is not created

products, markets, operations, business and technology are inseparable. But we need more product operation instead of marketing operation, the local traffic ran as what plaster, to attract people, regardless of whether the product can keep the operating mode of people will be.

Internet products where come so many roles, the product, the market, the operation is separated from the original redundant, synthesis of a team of different people, slightly biased enough. Also: you have to concentrate on one role. Who? And you have to ask, product manager? That’s the job. It doesn’t have to be discussed. Now many people complain that no ability of product manager, then he said, rather than put a product manager with improper product manager, not out of


missed the 9238 period of Baidu, only one character: "PM" (market), things, operations, products, market interaction, interface all all he says, he would understand, but not all of the things he should do pro. Flat management, more suitable for the Internet play, smooth, efficient and rapid growth of talent. (although I was unhappy with the interaction designer at the time, I was very impressed with that mechanism)

if the product planning, product design, product operations separate, Baidu Post Bar, Baidu knows it is difficult to quickly jump from Niubi, spent time in the bullshit who do a good product; if the product manager, product operations and other roles, Baidu is also very difficult to come out, Jiao Ke, Li Mingyuan, Sun Yun, Feng Tian Xiaomeng Li Ming, a series of China newbest PM (or current). Baidu unfortunately bird ~ look forward to Taobao, Tencent can cultivate a more aggressive product team.

Internet companies are not afraid of PM less, afraid of incompetent PM too much. A PM, do not understand the market, do not understand the business, do not understand the product design, do not understand do not understand the operation, management and coordination, not the product action of her own son who and who desperately, just write what’s PRD. to him? Put there for a top with a name, also let him do what, so good for everyone, like cleaning the toilet.

I don’t think Baidu has a poor product, and I even think Baidu has a product that isn’t lost to Taobao. Say bad, bad at strategic decision level, poor in market strategy. The problem lies with Robin Li and his management team, not the product team led by Li Mingyuan. (PS, welcome and Baidu taste 9238 + products to Hangzhou, we continue to shift the battlefield good enemy)

some people say that the need for fine division of labor, or else not do much. Bullshit! A rapid development of constantly changing business also fine division of labor, die?. The afternoon just a face I love the product designer, he in a multinational is very painful, a button operation provided after filtration products, products to design, the design is good to the front, front end to engage in development. I told him, "here, you don’t want to do that, because we don’t want to die.". >