Bulk QQ bulk mailing solution

QQ is a very active network communication tool at present. QQ mail based mail sending is also a problem to be solved urgently in network marketing.

here, we need to help clarify some of the concepts:


1 and QQ numbers are not equal to the QQ mailbox;

2, QQ group mail is not equal to QQ mail bulk.

explained in detail on the two questions, we can see my previous article "QQ email Myth – mass QQ mailbox bounce angry", simply do the bulk mail to QQ mail, is in the process of sending more taboo, because the recipient is through a SMTP server, for long the duration, will bring about the following issues:

1, the same content and similar mail from the sender, arouse the shield other anti spam system, the consequences will be judged as spam mail, then, or discard it or even directly rejected.

2, the mail receiving queue of the other SMTP server is blocked, and a large amount of Email is piled up in the queue, and the result of the queue jam will delay the mail delivery.

for these issues, a single mail box or mail server is completely useless. The main solutions include:

1, often replace the sending server. The professional version of the bulk mail Aibo mail message system based on mail mail can be configured in large quantities, and these letters and mail, respectively at sending different servers, such as [email protected] and [email protected], in the process of sending e-mail blasts, the professional version will automatically take turns to replace these letter mail, so as to avoid let each other the server that mail from the same source.

2, dynamic change mail content and title. When writing the message content, can join the macro definition such as%TO_EMAIL% in the content or title (Note:% cannot be omitted), in the transmission process, the macro definition is converted to the corresponding content, this is the%TO_EMAIL% macro definition is converted to the email address of the recipient. This is the simplest, and, of course, a more complicated macro definition, which can be referred to as http://s.qunfa.abot.cn/post/45.html.

3, for simple content is a picture of QQ mass mailing, in addition to the macro definition can in the title, the content is in the end with, if your images are delivered directly to each other in the mailbox (not a link to the URL website, in accordance with the "form) with a text editor can also be embedded in images" multimedia mail instructions, then, in the e-mail group personal edition or professional edition, they are each to send a letter email>