How to improve the website collection and the amount of visit

many webmaster know how the website of the amount collected directly determines the distribution of the long tail word on the network, traffic will also affect the size of the site, improve the site included quantity is one of every webmaster work every day, every day from other site acquisition, and then revise the pseudo original have many websites the maintenance and the effect is not terribly fatigued, obviously. So how do you improve your site traffic and work easily? Here’s a simple and effective way to introduce it.

everyone may have found that, like Baidu know, such sites are included in the amount of millions, tens of millions of, and Baidu know the questions are very suitable for the browser’s search methods. So, Baidu knows that such sites are heavily visited. Therefore, the website wants to obtain the high visit quantity, the user interaction this must do well. The question and answer type program came into being. At present, the domestic question and answer class mature procedures are more, but not necessarily suitable for your web site. The message system of the website is more suitable for the development of each website. However, a prominent problem, few message system can generate static pages, and the message system is unable to determine the message according to the title keywords deployment, this caused the waste of resources.

, that is to say:

first: the dynamic way of guestbook is very unsuitable for the search engine. There is very little search engine to include the content of the guestbook

second: guestbook page keywords can not be determined, can only use a few keywords

but the interactivity of guestbook is really a good way.

how to make a message page that can generate a static page, may be a lot of the same as I care about the webmaster. However, I still not talented to make such a page. So I think of a relatively simple method, the same to the effect of guestbook, but also generate static pages, and I stand editing work has begun to become a lot easier.

first, see the content page effect demonstration:

This page shows

to the patient is already a reply after the page is above questions, below is the reply content, this page in the design has long tail density into consideration, so the content can be distributed without having to deal with the keyword deliberately, search engine will think this is cheating. For web browsers, this is a message system, and in fact, it is a simple page, that is, an ordinary article. But under the "I want to consult" directly received Kang Yuan hospital business, "I want to ask," received PowerEasy comes always make me hate teeth itch dynamic guestbook. When patients click I want to consult, >