How to use a record number to record a number of sites

The recent

filing center has been in the investigation site for the record, no record of the site closed, many websites were closed because no timely record, also affects a lot of website search engine optimization done. Some clients and stationmaster are anxious very much. Qiyuan civic had a careful analysis, that the following programs can help those who have a number but there are multiple friends website:

1, with a friend’s identity card re apply for an account, add the site, this method is cumbersome, but more effective.

2, will have some record account username and password to the service provider space, let them to add, if their service is good, they will give you good, the speed is generally faster, about 2 days can do.

3, no longer submit, directly to the already have the record number link added to the site below, and then put the number submitted to the virtual host management background.


method above Qiyuan civic network practice, a record number, multiple sites can be.