A loyalty from pseudo original to the original my soft writing Road

contact SEO for nearly a year, from the beginning of the source code do not understand, to the website layout, code optimization, soft writing. I’ve been through it for almost a whole year. During this period, let me feel the most is the soft writing. Here, let me talk about the way I wrote in the soft text,


often sees many webmasters call "pseudo original writing" at A5. I think it is also a lot of soft text written by the author of the only way to go. From the beginning of contact with the Internet, I did not hear the word "soft", the first soft language published in the A5. I reprinted an article about the Internet from the Internet. It was the first time I posted it. Thanks for the hard work of A5 editor,


as the saying goes: with the first time, then out of control. This sentence, I think the description of many is very appropriate. Since the passage of the first article. I’m crazy to find articles online, and then slowly read, and then modify the content of the article, often see online popular such a sentence: "world article a big copy", see if you have the technology copied to beyond recognition. If you have a level, you will change the article, but the central idea or that central idea, the main content or that main content. In this way, other people seem to feel that the article is written by you. This is pseudo originality. For pseudo original writing, I first read the first summary of the central idea, and then combined with their own web site to modify. Add some ideas of your own, then collate the whole structure of the article, and add a link to the passage to make the article seem readable. At the same time, in the front of the article, summarize the main content of the whole article, and then respond to the central idea of the article at the end of the article. When reading, the teacher often said so, and now finally used, ha ha) so that the article looks so lively a lot.

when writing for some time, I feel like if I copy it, it’s not the way. So I began to learn how to analyze websites. So, I just learned SEO when the site of the analysis of the experience out to sort out, and then add some of the current views, like this published to the A5 above. Counting A5 a year, published almost one hundred articles. Although not every article is its own original, but at least melted into some of their thoughts and efforts.

is also a review of the time you were studying SEO. Write down this article. I hope you can help me with your new study. Actually, when you write a soft text, you probably don’t know how to start it, but if you really write your thoughts out. There will be a lot of realism, and the article will attract the attention of many readers. You don’t have to be a good writer. But your feelings must be true, must be your true feelings. This article will be able to get more people’s favor!


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