2014 Tmall store actual operation new strategy

law of nature, always grasp the opportunity in the hands of 20% people, 2014 Taobao & Tmall change fast, beyond imagination, the rise of new electricity supplier industry, the old shop just unfolding, fall, at any time, the key is It is often seen., who can grasp the essence of the operation, to embrace change, who can be divided into cake.

recently a friend said, "the new Tmall store for 2 months, and now the daily advertising fee to compensate 700 yuan, so go on is not a way, and seek how to operate, how should I do?". There is also a furniture friend, set up shop for a month, the daily flow of only 200uv, 2-3 people a day consulting, day by day do not know what to do, ask exactly how to operate the store.

I believe that there is no lack of such a shop, I want to say, operators do not think so simple, also did not think so difficult, simply can not only pay attention to a point of a block, to learn the whole store operation, in order to solve the fundamental problem, business growth is rare, which contains a lot of skills and experience need to continue learning, accumulation, non reactive one by one in a short duration of time.

Tmall store operations Pyramid principles model:

I sum up 5 major reasons for losing money at Taobao Tmall store:

1, advertising costs blind investment, ROI can not make ends meet,


2, its own commodity structure without planning, and finally lost in the stock of funds;

3, do not understand marketing activities, work hard, out of touch with Taobao Tmall


4, only concerned about traffic, while ignoring the conversion index is more important;

5, do not understand the whole store operation plan, do not know how to control the rhythm, which is where to go.


of this article, a large amount of gold, but the space problem, not very deep, so can the above points the most common reason for losing money, everybody simple analysis in 2014, how do we do a Tmall shop, how to solve the core problem of a Tmall store business growth.

1: overall operational planning, operational rhythm control:

a lot of people say, "I can’t write a plan, so, I ask, not on paper, how can I believe you can practice


whether you own shop please operation or operation or as a report to the boss, you need a detailed business plan, let yourself make it clear what you want, at a Tmall store at least once a year to sell at least 5 million, if not a business plan as a guide, the results can be imagined, must be a team, why today, tomorrow are absolutely ignorant of. Before I an article, "sell 6 hundred million of a year Tmall shop how to trader", said the importance of the plan, here do not say why, directly see how to do.

a product, sales life cycle is divided into three stages, new products, hot sales period, liquidation period, three stages, the normal sale of goods, or else to become Libraries