Ancient oriental capital how to use Alipay 9 10000 accurate flow

We all know that

, Alipay 9, join a social function. And as the new wave of Alipay 9 ", even though there are a lot of friends still confused, watching, the departure of a tuyere waiting, in order to give you benefits, through their own bitter night of today, the first time for everyone to share.

, a Alipay 9, why is the new wave, new trends and new outlet.

Alipay has become the necessary software on the mobile phone, although there is no WeChat users so much, but he has its own characteristics, the real name system, on this point, the target so far, any one is difficult to surpass, and the launch of Alipay finance for payment, by simply only, and upgraded to become a disruptive innovation the new Alipay 9 can chat, can build the group, Alipay 9 is going to complete the payment of the ideas in the scene, this is very correct, more humane, and the new version in addition to strengthening IM instant communication function, also added many other details, from which can realize the intention of Alipay, do not a simple means of payment.

Alipay and WeChat. (looks like brothers, and than a brother, dear, what do you think of



two, Alipay to build group (Illustrated)


first step: download the latest version of alipay. (Alipay 9); the second step: click on the "Alipay", and landing Alipay



third step: after landing successfully, find the following (friends) and click in;

fourth step: click the top right corner + start group chat;


fifth step: build the group immediately and build the group according to your own needs. The group is divided into: funding group, group, activity group, chowhound entertainment group. Take the funds group for example: click on the funds group, select the group of friends you need to enter, select after you click OK, set the amount into the group. (doing marketing friends) look at the circle that you are targeting, and make a reasonable allocation.



sixth step: after creating the group successfully, you can modify the amount of funds into the group, the group name, but it can not be said to modify: Alipay, brush reputation, bank cards and other prohibited words.


seventh step: modify the group, say, modify what you want to say, and for want to modify the conditions of the group. (you can also set up)


three, how to break the latest Alipay fans detonated 10000 traffic flow.

we all know payment >