Find out from Taobao’s soft underbelly that Baidu has the chance to win

, where is Taobao’s foundation,


Ali Wangwang credit system??? Free strategy? Giant user group


no, these are just Taobao walls.

Taobao real foundation has two, one is "the world’s largest Chinese shopping website" this popular positioning, and the other is invisible "popularity", "


1. powerful positioning allows consumers to generate mindset.

in the early battle with eBay, the key to Taobao’s success was not free strategy, but free positioning. Taobao has adopted the method to rival repositioning, it will be positioned as "eBay charges C2C website", and positioned themselves as "free C2C" merits, at a glance.

in the C2C pattern has been set, whether it is the beginning of the counterattack eBay, or later joined the pat and yes, have not realized the importance of positioning. So, whether it is to invest heavily in online advertising at eBay, or backed by 500 million QQ users pat, or rely on search engine giant Baidu has ah, can not shake the status of Taobao. Because now Taobao positioning is the world’s largest Chinese shopping website ", and the localization of other three websites is a Chinese shopping website" merits, see at a glance. Under this positioning, for any challenger, if it is not obvious, it is difficult to convince users to abandon Taobao and choose yours.

some people would say, since Baidu has, ah, in the stock market can not do Taobao, then the main incremental market, here, we all have equal opportunities, and even have their own advantages?

in the incremental market, everyone’s chances are really equal,



!In the

years of efforts, Taobao has been the world’s largest Chinese shopping site "this a deeplyengraved netizen’s mind, but also cultivate many opinion leader, the opinion leaders in the incremental market plays a very important role. We are aware that the effects of many new users by friends or old users is very large, if there is not a clear and effective positioning, so even in the incremental market, even if Baidu search on this tree, there is not much advantage. And even if the new users are available, there is a risk of losing them at any moment. Pat is the best example.

2. gets the popularity of the world.

popularity, is the core of traditional commercial venues, for the C2C industry is no exception, get popular people have the world!


in the early stage of eBay’s war, eBay blocked the mainstream marketing channels, but Taobao through the development of numerous network advertising and advertising the line successfully break, in the promotion of strength not weak on eBay, this is another key Taobao win.