Lu Songsong explain the operation method of English website group

what is the "station group", eight words: not for the fine, but a large quantity, must choose the bulk sale of foreign IDC, how also is English station, use the most simple CMS, the people are brick home, age at least three months, what messenger wire, mobile, software, shoes, the popular keyword can do is to do it, but also special trouble, motionless on a station a station to do, you have to start at 5 in the morning, 2 point night can’t stop, open the computer is the maintenance station group. The website also from time to time a little more than the chain, don’t worry about nothing, move a mouse, station group software with you say, "Congratulations, your English station update success, yeah," an authentic Windows dialog box, double face.

the first step, where to register the name and space of the station group


, summed up so much, this is entered, before this has been in the "operation" stations mentioned, but not fine. Like what the free TK domain (, info, com for free), net domain name is mixed with the application, GoDaddy, Name, domainsite, NameCheap, enom is a good place to register the domain name, there is no money for two level domain (an independent domain name free analysis of 10 two level domain name).

space is a truth, can be charged, can also be free, according to the current domestic situation to choose foreign space, not for the record, if you really do not understand, can go to Taobao or Admin5 for purchasing people, have no money and no money to engage in law, will see you willing to think.

second, how do you locate the theme and content for the station group?

domain name space after, with CMS site building program, can also be HTML single page unified pass up, because foreign support PHP space is more, recommend using dedecms and WordPress site. Give each site a different template, and note that the same IP is best not to be a link. You can choose 3-10 stations fixed to do a small industry, such as in the Lu Songsong blog, there is a "L-carnitine" net friend, in the "station group operation method" a text, 31-33 floor is his station, Baidu ranked first.

if you have no special website theme, do better, Search Ranking went to look at the key words on the hot, Baidu billboard too hot tips don’t consider it, I have to do English station as an example, can go to the international station hot search list to find the Alibaba hot commodity website, in about 3-10 the station to do a particular keyword.

in addition to the above mentioned search list, as well as Google search list, YAHOO Buzz search list, popular blog search list, etc., these popular list is for the station group selected topics and content of a good place.