How to raise the PR value of website PR value

has not been in the webmaster for a long time, has been diving. Today you, send the odd views, hope the novice webmaster do not laugh at me.

how to raise the PR value

network in the world is not authorized, improve website PR value, indulge in self-admiration "need" here praise ", is to let more pages have links pointing to your website.

one, submit your website to the website, website directory. Two, and various websites exchange friendship links. Three, publish information including your website to each article, information station, forum and so on…….

avenue to Jane, how to raise the PR value? Two words: links. In addition to links or links, two key points: first, send links to have degrees, step by step, not in a short period of time to engage in a large number of links. Two, do not engage in a large number of spam links, such as mass mailing forums.

cleared, right down the website PR value two


one, collect articles. I have three website of the PR value of 5, as part of the collection of articles, PR Canbei zero, Google does not give you a flow of

, a profound lesson!

two sells a lot of private / service and six / merge / color links. Without these two links, but the sale of more than 60 links, but also very likely to drop the right.

quickly improve the site Secrets (authorized exclusive:


is very simple, buy a high PR value domain name, tied to the same site on the line. For example, my PR value query site, site time is very short, and now the PR value is 4, that is bound domain name

you will say: This is not PR hijacked? Yes, just beginning is false PR value, but two months later, is the true PR value, don’t believe you now check check.


tied high PR domain name, you need to do two things, first, the website must use an absolute path, don’t worry about weight exchange Links, all point to the Second, send some external links, can write soft text is best. Two or three months later, the PR value transferred over. The PR value changed really, you find some PR value for 4 of the links, not OK,

selling links is better than selling it to yourself (a bit of a taste for A5 forums)

in Admin5 forums, the sale of links business is in full swing. Sure, it provides some webmasters with a quick way to get rich. But in the long run, it’s not worth the candle because the site is so easy to drop. A link from ten to dozens of dollars, the release of peddling information, expired replacement, tired,


sell friendship links, rather than sell yourself. I have some PR3-PR6 websites in my hands, and never sell them