Concentration and doing fine are two essential factors of personal website’s success

personal website, even if the theme is small, but there are unlimited mining space, the key is to see how the webmaster think. But I think the content of personal website must do meticulous, not many, but refinement.

1, make the information acquisition

, open source collection, update more content every day, let visitors every day to see the new article, so he took a look again for second days;

2, to make the information screening work, it was decided to read important content websites can be oriented, as for how to screening, everyone has their own standard, here it is not necessary to elaborate on the


3, increase the interactivity of the site, as if a blog does not interact with it, and that the system what is the difference? But not increase Forum on enhanced interactivity, this forum and the relationship is not, the key is to a clock atmosphere. Everyone has a mentality that follows the crowd, and when he sees other people commenting on his blog, he goes for it. If there is no comment on a blog, the new person doesn’t want to comment.

4, increase the function of the website, the key here is to add new features to extend the original section of the nature, such as you collected information by the author are classified into personal essays, can also increase the mail subscription function, you can even come to collect articles made of e-books, for everyone to download. Etc…….

website is really not necessary to position itself is too great, key to the success of a website is to have the advantage of a column, if do not advantage section began to expand the site, the site will be often featureless, as long as I do fine website, will attract more visitors the. As for the website how to realize the profit, that is not follow the trend to follow out, I feel that work has become natural.