Lu Songsong from a macro perspective Baidu 360 search and Sogou

small Adsense is not a fool, who can distribute the flow for us, who can create revenue for us, we will hold who thigh. This article from the macro level analysis of the Baidu, 360 search and Sogou business form, say, but also please forgive me,


Baidu: copy the PC end mode to the mobile terminal


search is the lifeblood of Baidu, occupying the 60%-70% of search traffic, especially at the PC end, which is the absolute core of Baidu’s revenue generating, but there is a gradual decline in revenue. This is due to competitor search commercialization diversion, more customer choice, mainly from the 360 search and Sogou choice, and Baidu search diversion in the mobile terminal also led to revenue decline.

, but that doesn’t mean Baidu is down, Lu Songsong says. In 2013, Baidu in the layout of the mobile Internet, the most core is still the "Baidu alliance" of the "boat" plan, access by a mobile station (transcoding), assist site (siteapp) and the application of light in three ways, has helped the majority of small owners to establish a prototype of mobile internet.

Baidu’s thinking is: copy the PC side to the mobile terminal, only to help small and medium-sized sites access mobile Internet, for the majority of small and medium-sized webmaster flow distribution, income, their development. It is the first few years, although the small and medium-sized websites in the mobile terminal in the years of development, but maybe that day there will be a lot of talent shows itself in the mobile terminal. Why Baidu will launch special "novel station" optimization special, the reason is that about 70% of users will use mobile phones to read text, and these users will have a large number of users are reading novels.

is Baidu’s product line is too broad, not a core APP, although known to each product number of billions of dollars, in addition to the mandatory installation, also Baidu maps also improvise, Internet browser entrance do not many people use UC, and Ali was gone, no Internet entrance to talk about what this leads directly to the flow distribution? Many Internet experts agree that Baidu will defeat the comments in the mobile Internet, Baidu have look bad.

, but they often overlooked a point: small and medium-sized Adsense is to promote the core of the Internet development, whether it is PC or mobile terminal, a company to do APP in cattle, but also to tens of thousands of small and medium-sized webmaster.

"money" is the fundamental, the small owners are pointing to the Baidu alliance penny, and his return is the highest, with the Baidu PC search and mobile search advertising will be made one, Baidu significantly improve mobile search ability of realization, not necessarily to their products.

360 search: too heavily dependent on browsers


The overall strength of

360 search is second only to Baidu, which is now 360 search