80 years after the webmaster how to operate webmaster career

I’ve always had a lot of respect and awe for the internet. Respect for its powerful, awe is his strength, I have always felt that it is a bottomless pit, to understand, to learn a lot. The Internet is a master of many knowledge, and it also carries too many benefits. But it is not easy to find a foothold in such a cruel and competitive world.

even if their university is the webmaster of two websites, but I still insist every day to Admin5, Chinaz charging. I often remind myself and my partner, Admin5 Chinaz, the above knowledge is a lifetime learning endless, there is too much experience and experience is worth learning; there is too much growth story, growing pains; there are too many love stories, journey to now there has been development; become a microcosm of the Internet with the Internet Chinese, fertile soil grow together; here become a webmaster "home", so that they can feel the warmth of the "home"


although this "home" is big and warm, you can’t be nailed here, and you can’t develop the mentality of dependence. If only just from here COPY, then you just walk forever behind others, is take other people’s old road, is impossible to grope for a set of experience which belongs to own station construction. The concrete analysis of concrete problems, experience is the reference instead of copying, strategizing, mastery is every family member must face and ponder the question. Three university majoring in programming, but I later found indistinct light on these school knowledge can not meet the needs of today’s Internet, I study art, electronic commerce, promotion, editing, advertising sales etc.. I think for a webmaster, these things are not strange. The stationmaster does the station is laborious, some "difficulties" only we know. But I’m sure it’s fun, especially when you’re paid for something, and that kind of accomplishment is wonderful. Webmaster do stand, need to draw inferences from others, good at innovation, dare to innovate.

the following three recent experiences, we have recently launched a search for some large media China the most beautiful campus corner "contest, held less than 10 days, the daily activities of the page IP reached more than 4000, the residence time in about 6 minutes. However, we have to do is to make early QQ group promotion, the promotion of soft paper, later completely from the spontaneity of publicity, obviously not our promotion is good, but we are good at "pseudo innovation", then why is called "pseudo innovation", this activity is not the webmaster didn’t know but not to do. This kind of selection activities are stereotyped, and how to go out of their own characteristics, to make their own style is a difficult point, in finding a breakthrough, I can do great pains. So, we in the activities page of title, we marked "campus corner" "unofficial selection activities", this also exactly reflects why the webmaster didn’t do the final reason. Of course, thanks to the strong support of the event Co organizer.

although it is a small event, just see.