A Warcraft player standing in Warcraft stop site entrepreneurial experience

you remember me? I am a 4 years of playing the game player is also World of Warcraft, 163 he net webmaster. Recall the day World of Warcraft shut down, the mood in the North County monastery offline, and then think of this year is about to graduate, a state of mind. An Warcraft player gets too much pleasure and a sense of accomplishment in the game. But he lost too much in reality. Because skipping classes missed the best time to learn because team activities missed a good chance to date MM.

now, every day I enter it in the browser’s address bar, I can’t help but sigh. I want to share with you my 163 he network experience of the site, although we do not put World of Warcraft, but at least they stop taking period, we can use the website to help pave the way for us, the first step into the society, realize the real business.

one, the motivation of doing a website.

The beginning of an

, I do 163 Sifu network motivation is simple. Because wow stopped. I also become bored as many players do. Because the robes closed, many of my friends encouraged me to play he. At first because I think this site can help friends, so a very strong interest at the moment, it is intended to do this site. I never thought I’d make a profit on my website. Simple thinking, do such a website out just for friends to see, incidentally, a little show off meaning.

game player friends, if you are interested to do, then what will you do website, why do this website, this website is to see who can help, who can get some benefits from this website. There are answers to these questions, so you can start and then do the websites. Otherwise, if I have a fever like this, I can do it, but I can’t do it.

two, how to do a web site.

I believe there are many players friends have entrepreneurial blood, all want to in this very familiar with the Internet world, there is a certain. Let’s move on, then. Can not always let people say that we Warcraft players in addition to playing Warcraft, nothing, right? The first thing to do is to choose a site to do the program. I chose a content management system, which is dede. Don’t worry about your 0, if you know how to play the World of Warcraft, I believe that as long as you take the time, Dede also be nothing difficult.

on Baidu search Dede, you can easily go to Dede’s official website to download his latest version of 5. 3 program.

and then install dede. Here, I suggest that if you want to make a website out, first to buy a domain name and space. Domain name is similar to this input to users. Space is the storage of your web files, that is, Dede program files. Other people can access your website via domain names pointing to space.

Why does

want to buy domain names and spaces first? Because it saves a lot of time in this area