51 opportunities for new social networking sites

recently, 51 of Pang Shengdong said it would miss 51 of the clean-up, for domestic social networking sites, miss is undoubtedly a great force to activate the atmosphere of the site. Most users of social networking sites are interested in the opposite sex, and social networking sites, big and small, require young people to increase their popularity and increase their rates of return visits. Believe that Pang Shengdong also know this, the so-called "stand out" means that "the recent efforts to increase the intensity of the fight against Miss" is only a show.


‘s Internet marketing,

I added 100 miss QQ survey, which girls between the ages of 18-30, familiar with the Internet age belongs to the basic operation, all the ladies in the website of the "nest", including 51, 163, QQ space, and the local site dating channel, the following possession market share:


thus, 51 in the Miss group prestige is very high, 51 girls to find the source, netizens also love to see a photo of miss Pang Shengdong, can not deny the ladies to bring huge traffic 51, I think Pang Shengdong is not so stupid with his own petard, want to go beyond 163, QQ Baidu space and Post Bar, miss will be his assistant.

But if l

Pang East Turkistan under the black hand, the ladies will choose other sites, QQ space and 163 is the biggest beneficiary, may also have a new website to take over the abandoned 51 users, a new social networking site if want to develop faster and better, it must be Miss participation, like this the banner, Qihoo, mop.com relies on porn developed truth.


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