A comparison of Web building web design and women’s body similarity

summer is undoubtedly the most attractive season for women, and elegant long hair can best reflect the woman’s perfect body. An unprecedented degree of nudity, yanguangsishe. Where the mind is the spirit has left the body. And the structure of the website is one of the factors that affect the ranking of search engines, especially in the world famous search engines such as Google, Yahoo and so on. The more reasonable the site is, the higher the PR value, and the higher the PR value, the natural and relaxed the rankings, and the


flash on the homepage of a website is like the

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statistics, Chinese now 80% small and medium-sized enterprises by the network company, the price of 2000 yuan to 100 thousand, merchants’ pursuit of profit is the world without end, in order to gain profit as much as possible, in the price and service, many businessmen tried the trick. Therefore, the small and medium-sized enterprise boss in the network company salesman’s persuasion, had to agree on the original price basis, plus thousands of yuan of flash fees. A few thousand dollars is not enough for an enterprise, but the loss it brings to the enterprise is far more than that. The first is not conducive to search engine, and also based on flow of a website, if no flash can be ranked fifth, then add the first page of flash, ranking up to eighth, the top five hits 80%-100%, while ranking sixth to tenth hits only 60% to 80%, if a by day 10 customers to click, you will probably lose 2 customers. In this way, a long time is hundreds of thousands, or even millions of people, although the hair is very beautiful ion hair, but it has a certain impact on hair quality, in the big city as an ion hot thousands. For the beauty and the income is not high, the woman is a kind of temptation, many women I know, in order to pull hair, to get a month of a grasp of a lot. Why? Sister

!The title and label design of the

two website is like a woman’s morning hair,

The Title Design of the

website is important for the ranking of the website, because the title of the homepage of the website is directly connected to the search engine. The company’s main products and services should be focused on the title. The title of the website that has not been optimized, just like the woman that has just gotten up in the morning, the hair has not been combed, even if very beautiful, also gives a kind of bad feeling. The beauty and ugliness of a man are largely reflected in the beginning.


three framework structure of the web page as dongshixiaopin

in the search engine, the framework structure and web pages are very conducive to search engine search. When Internet companies to small and medium-sized enterprises website, is that we will according to your requirements, tailor-made for you a city to your website, but in the production site, taking into account the real time cost of their own, they will come up with the collection of templates, slightly modified, circle who knew a little observation, many websites are using the same.