Site 10 days three major search engines included experience

I am a novice webmaster, this is well known, a few days ago sent a post, has been welcomed by friends, here I thank everyone.

sleep these days some confusion, hours of the day or night, but I can confirm that my station for 11 days, yesterday, is also the site for 10 days, my station included 1 Baidu, YAHOO included 17, GG included 70 page

here, I thank A5’s predecessors valuable experience, and share with you my site flow, hoping to help some dishes long.

first I want to build a pure grassroots website, for free space, is everybody love scold 5944 take advantage of the free space, I found a picture of the site ASP procedures, revised on the net to stop debugging, some basic settings in order to upload some of the contents, the website even built a prototype. Of course, this is also a lot of hardships, for example, space upload speed as cow, cow is wrong, said beautify him, Stella and perseverance, perseverance, when he uploaded this space, almost three of five files on their own disconnect from the server, you must reconnect, my home 4M Netcom ADSL, 2 in the morning, all this, this is really very depressed, I can complete the election procedures, in such harsh conditions to upload, debug, update the contents of the work, I think now, are deeply admire myself.

, Baidu, GG, YAHOO, etc., and so on, all search engines are landing, so that you will speed up the collection speed!


, of course, not what the server slowly didn’t break, what site open speed is slow, I can endure, the key is that, when done! The third day, the website not to go, a dozen of my domain, it automatically jump to 5944 of their own for the pages. Zezheng? Change room, fortunately I have to sleep before the backup web content daily habit. This habit is very important. I’m too lazy to say anything to their customer service. We are free space, free to know, waste my time, my time is not enough. Here, please advise novice webmaster, if your website is still using free space, or will use free space……

well, after buying a space station to continue my business, this time I have sleepless nights, update the content, all let me not satisfied with the settings of the site, set up some optimization keywords.

I said, I am a novice webmaster, for the optimization of SEO now I have been a smattering of knowledge, I can only go to look at the site, then see him home page source code, through some Baidu ranked set by website keyword analysis before what, I was laid down, these words, to well, do not know is not right, so be it. Anyway, SEO forum post has let me turn almost, how much to learn, but a hundred schools of thought contend, I do not know who is right, so that’s it.


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