Rookie 3 months of experience in the industry

long ago do stand ideas, finally began to implement 3 months ago.

remembers that when I first made a website, I used a lot of forms to make up. When I opened my website, I had to wait for a while before I could show it. Don’t care about the beginning, over a period of time that the user experience is very bad, no way to find information on the Internet, learn to use DIV+CSS can save a lot of code, in fact, as long as you down to learn, DIV+CSS

is very simple!

later with DIV+CSS in the online copy West Point, a little copy is created now website security network this site it took me 3 months to do, now talk about their 3 months of experience.

1. gives himself a location,

, if you want to work as a station, then calm down and do it. Don’t do anything else. We do most of the younger generation. Don’t be too impetuous. The key is meditation. Today, for example, one day traffic statistics, tomorrow to read the experience of the article, 3 minutes of enthusiasm, a minute to do things.

2. don’t develop capabilities and templates that you can’t implement within your capabilities.

our webmaster is often the Internet bubble, see other websites have many novel functions also hope that their station can be realized, but a person’s ability is limited, there is no need for a new function to expend too much energy, the development and design of a function or template is really a waste of energy, concise is the best.

3. clearly locate the purpose of the site and the final results to be achieved

this is the most important, some people think that the site is to install something they like to understand, positioning is not clear, the idea is not clear. I do the station, security network ( is a security industry website, content is very specific, very clear objectives.

4. pick a good domain name.

as far as possible to let people remember the name, such as Xiaonei ah, Douban ah, and my security network (, the domain name is in front of Pinyin, followed by English, combination of Pinyin + English, I believe that this is an easy to remember.

5. pick a good program

Oh, I was quite sad about this, would love to learn computer, the other is professional, I don’t understand the program, see you later unanimously recommended Dede, influenced by "the slogan of which many me into which", so the first choice of the Dede, nor want to change others, have not used the other, but I feel is enough for me, Dede is very strong, very good.

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