Two misunderstandings of website Entrepreneurship

this first misunderstanding is that the web site is empty handed White Wolf work. In fact, websites, like all entities, do not have enough input if they want to work. But most of us are willing to buy the car, rent a beautiful office, to store with expensive wallpaper, playing out in the newspaper ads, even overnight mahjong down often throw him a eighteen thousand dollars, but one that will give the site the investment money, immediately become the result.

analysis of their reasons, one is that the site is useless, one is that the site should be empty handed white wolf. The first kind of knowledge is not flowing yet. We don’t care about him. Second kinds of knowledge has a representative, the reason is the impact of successful people in previous years on the Internet. It is often said that a poor student has sold his website for 30 million years and sold his website for two years. This story is heard more, the desire for a miracle of the mood is strong, and then do not take into account the economic laws, and do not consider the input-output relationship. Network is a new thing, but also a kind of similar cultural activities, so there will be some strange phenomenon, especially in the early stage. Miracles are there, but the proportions are pretty low; self-made people do, but probably not you. Therefore, if you want to do a good job in a website, you should be as busy as a storefront.

these second misunderstandings, that is, the website does not need professional operators, is not updated content. We see a lot of websites, operators are often office clerks, typists and so on. These people do not go out to study, nor to the special computer, especially when there is something temporary units, often these people transferred to other places to help a few days busy. In this way, the website information update is slow, and some of the users who leave the contact information on the website can not follow. Half a year, the site did not play a role, so the boss began to BS ing, only second years of space intersection fees, put the site as a historical heritage hung up. In fact, website operation is a professional problem, it involves many aspects of marketing management, and only marketing, relates to a core problem: profit model, and three basic problems: content design, communication design, promotion design. If we look the most simple question – site communication in the website promotion work, there are a lot of methods, but they have many kinds of method will be used? Initially light technology and skills do not grasp, the site effect is not good. Only aware of website operation is a major problem, need both management and marketing, and efforts need to choose both, and both need to focus on the details, the bosses will be willing to invest money and effort, will respect the site personnel work, will achieve good results.

, it’s something we’ve all been in touch with for a long time. But not necessarily the correct understanding. Above the two, even though some people think it is common sense, he will not do it correctly; even if some people are stubborn, actually heart afraid I have one.


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