Nine days time let Baidu reverse link increase 100 experience summary

I do a life information website, and is a local website, that is, the two domain name, why do two do not do a level, this is not understand the technology to eat the loss, and helpless choice. The technical weakness, I have to turn to the network company, and they are responsible for dealing with technical problems, I will do this special station updates, promotion. National day returns, I used the webmaster tool to check the collection situation, the result lets me be wild with joy. Baidu’s reverse link jumped from 9 to 110, that is to say, nine days of vacation, a net increase of 100! Ha ha, reverse link, but real money.


(this is the screenshot of September 22nd, I made the promotion plan for reference, September 30th anti chain is 11),

reanalysis included pages, are major webmaster BBS, blog to, A5, behind the most, and then to Sina blog, other mostly from A5, outdated, reproduced in the past.


(this is the screenshot of October 11th, 10, I remember the chain is 110)

why did I choose to write soft? That is to join rebels, because this is not my specialty. My station operation for nearly 5 months, included no greater improvement. On the Internet to see some of the introduction of the promotion method, want to increase the chain by means of links, but try for a few days, not much progress. Because my new station, although included normal, but PR=0, even worse is the two domain name, many stations are reluctant to exchange links, and can not blame others, the company has regulations, who calls our website does not have strength,


since no one help, only self-reliance. I know that writing soft text is to increase the quality of the chain, there are effective methods, but did not try. Now go, what not to do it? So I search on Baidu, see what others write text, choose which theme, how to start end, how to release… Combined with their own areas of expertise, while learning to write, and soon wrote a few articles on the A5 published. Every day to send two soft Wen, is to go out travel, at night insist on writing an article. The following talk about their own soft writing some of the experience:

one, choose the subject matter, which is to determine what content to write. Try to choose areas you are familiar with and who are good at. No one cares but readers.

two, search material, subject matter is determined, then collect relevant materials, pictures, ideas, examples, prepared for writing. How to search? Press the keywords Baidu!


three, set the title, good title is half the success of soft Wen, it allows readers to see the desire to go, thank the title of the party, give us an example of learning. In addition, before the topic is fixed, first Baidu search, there is no similar topic, if there is a quick change, or Baidu included

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