For 30 months have been working as a regional talent network

I, the Internet Ranger, started surfing the Internet in 1999, and started making personal pages in 1999. It’s an earlier batch. I just haven’t made a website yet. (emphasis on Copyright: too many people do not copy the article)

has long been bullish on several categories of websites:

local dating, property information, classification information, used trading, education, training, recruitment,

looks good, but hasn’t made a good one. In the second half of 2005, I want to make a website. After, because there are friends to do talent network to do good, so I want to be a talent network.

1, domain name selection. Xi’an has a bell tower, I believe that all know Xi’an, and many outside the old city also has a bell tower, so in Xi’an, registered should be easy to write down. In fact, would like to register com, but others have been registered, there is no way ah. had the opportunity to register, but was not immediately taken over and was registered. Then use CN, it’s still the shortest! Of course, now you don’t have to use the domain name. It’s returned to Baidu.

2, spatial choice. This is the easiest, I started in 2003 with a Xiamen IDC space, very good, while in Xi’an, but the access speed is very fast, I have consulted with local users, telecom, Netcom access is no problem, the.

3, program selection. A lot of domestic talent program, those who downloaded online, search to use dozens of search, not easy to use, I want to try to do a good job at some time, after the province of tossing and tossing to waste, effort. Finally, I chose a set of PHP+MySQL, and I believe that many of the people who came to Admin5 also know this program: J_Space, but it was only 3000 RMB set. It was the only one that I paid for…… Later proved to me, never in the program fee is too wasted effort! Make an advertisement for developers, I remember when I received the money after the developer and I said: I go to buy a pack of good smoke, recently more intense


4, installation procedures, needless to say, I believe all of you here know. Ha-ha。 Pay attention to modify the interface, do a good Logo, don’t get too garish, too clean, looks a little business, but don’t affect the speed of this very important picture.

5, analysis of the local talent network, how people do Baidu, Google, the top three on the SEO related knowledge, please take a look at the site of the article, I believe it is not a problem. The main points: A, external links, B, internal links, C, website structure and navigation.

6, after the website can visit, oneself from other recruitment network copy point information come over, remember to make the humanization of some, it is easy to find

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