Local strategy and development features of local news websites

local news website the local strategy is the local news website will combine with the Internet to the local reality, to rely on local resources, develop local characteristics, tend to localization services, the implementation of the localization strategy to become the local foreign propaganda window. A local news website needs detailed classification and planning according to the local businesses, people flow and logistics, and finally creates a perfect local news network.

as a local news website, it is necessary to include the local economy, people’s livelihood, hot spots, first look at a picture:


I personally feel that the website column is set very reasonable, local resources for the whole place are summarized in, if you are a user, I believe you will find the suitable column, so stay in the website. Well, let’s see how the local website should be developed.

one. Using traditional media as a help, tradition can not be abandoned, we should make rational use of

local news websites rely on traditional media, generally in the local have strong social public opinion, influence and relatively strong economic strength. It relies on the credibility of the past decades of traditional media accumulation, which also directly affect the local people’s confidence in the site.

therefore, the local news website by traditional media has certain congenital advantage in localization development: first, with the traditional media brand; second, information has been processed, authoritative, there is no copyright issues; third, website information is published, there is no cost information website both earn earn less is "value-added services". Local news websites rely on traditional media, but must highlight their own advantages, beyond the traditional media. This is the development path of local news websites.

two. Local government relations must do well, and the government supports development will be faster and better,

, a website development, will not be subject to government obstruction, especially in Chinese, the government denied your site, your site will be over, so we set up a site when the relationship with the local government must be reasonable compliance, as a news website must be smooth the thought of the government, not with the government to become the enemy, we are not so direct ifeng.com, we only do is to attract users, to attract traffic, to fend for themselves.

three. Local convenience services can not be less, and strengthen contact with users,


this site which provide life service is quite good, especially convenience tools inside, provides weather, train information query and so on, the user needs to get the benefits, if the site inside get what you want will not hesitate to network station to collect, it would rely on some practical the tools for network.

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