48 methods of adding micro quotient

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is the first peer push, I walk with me if you push each other, if he is to sell another brand of cosmetics, such as sea water, he pushed me water in his circle of friends in the mask, I pushed him in the ocean water in my circle of friends, I sent to you the sea water of the ad, found that some people want to buy in my circle of friends, I asked my colleagues to push each other, he said 90 I feel expensive, I have asked my friends and a sea of water, he said in 70 that I would rather find 70. Do not look for 90 yuan right? This way so push each other, you are only suitable for fixed brand, and the price is unified, where to buy this product is the price, so whether clients or retail customers are relatively stable, there will not be such a problem of customer churn.

second is to find people plus, before recruiting, I’ll introduce you to a software, mobile phones can be downloaded, that is, QQ mobile assistant, thousands of phone numbers can be imported into your mobile phone,

do you go looking for insurance, selling, renting Baidu, who is similar to sales, they can also be used as their customers, they also need a group of white-collar mask, also can from the consumer groups, one day you can also find a few hundred. And then you into your mobile phone, your mobile phone will display WeChat, then you can add these people almost 80% would agree, because he sent messages on the Internet is to let people find him, he will think you are the customer, will agree to give you a key.

third is that women love shopping, shopping, go to a clothing store, buy a package where ah, with the guide to a telephone with a WeChat, told her to add your WeChat store, what new photos for me on the line


fourth if you have shops, it would be better to do, you store people you think of a way to allow customers to leave a contact, with gifts or do membership cards, just leave the customer contact, and then add them to WeChat, is not to buy your clothes, in a few days will you buy cosmetics

!Now a lot of

do the real boss, do not know what WeChat! Store owner to WeChat, the biggest advantage is to put the new customers into the store for a glimpse of the customer and the customer will stay for a few minutes to go, whether the transaction is not completed, as long as you add his WeChat the customer is, whether at home or abroad or the Antarctic, you can do business on WeChat, so you can usually strange loss of customers within 3% even can lock all customers! Can give you an example, which of the following entities boss to see how he uses WeChat marketing lock his store’s customers.

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