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Discuz! Lovers network April 14th news (text / see a webmaster) in April 11th, the first session of the Beijing News Education Forum 30 "of the traditional thinking of the Internet education effect" discussions, from the education sector a lot of discussion and speak freely, thinking that the Internet technology has brought changes to the education and training in turn the world upside down. In particular, the online curriculum and online education Internet model continue to promote the development of the education industry. In fact, this is the perfect combination of the Internet industry segments and education industry, boosting the development of emerging online education.

met in undergraduate course, has been committed to internet education, training, research, and later graduate students, more in-depth into the digital media and self media research. In the meantime, many webmaster exhausted exhausted to ask me, Adsense in the end how to earn a living, small and medium-sized Adsense in the end do what kind of station suitable? Such problems, I believe that many webmaster are in the heart of meditation. Today, ah see in this article one by one analysis and answer, you struggle hard webmaster.

when we look at the characteristics of the digital media and the age of self media, and find that this is a fragmented era, the big industry before has been broken down into numerous branches of industry. Do the station is in the same way, now Chinese Internet domain has been NetEase such as Sina, Sohu, Tencent, portals and Internet gangster Ma Yun, Robin Li, Ding Lei and carve up the portal era has been occupied, and even the end of their monopoly.

but we also want to see websites like Phoenix, CCTV, dispatch, Zhongguancun, online, A5, Adsense, and web sites that are alive and well. This is why, which gave the majority of small and medium owners to inspire. The Internet industry subdivision principle in action, probably can be divided into initial portals, e-commerce, online games, community forums, web search and other industries, but also in accordance with the vertical segments to a product and a small industry. This is not the focus of the analysis today.

What is the

key? Let us look first at an example: City Chinese stationmaster alliance. I have done before the city of China agents, agents of the window of Xiangyang and Xiantao online, when I was still graduate students, due to limited time, and then transferred out, and then the transfer fee is a little more than 2W. But his model in the country is very good, in the county above the city has sub stations, sub stations to implement the agent system, the agent is the local webmaster, webmaster do not have technology, just need to own profits and losses. This solves the technology and application of their division of labor, also makes the website localization.

of course, this is not the focus of attention of small and medium-sized adsense. So we see the example below must be excited, you can go to use Baidu Search "Laifeng people network" (not only advertising, crime analysis), his boss is webmaster I know, from the junior middle school teachers’ resignation specializes in the site, in a population of less than 330 thousand, Laifeng County city population of less than 150 thousand of the small town the annual income of over 600 thousand (2013 data), "

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