How to break through the existing profit model of dating websites

in twenty-first Century China, the network is no longer a virtual world, it is increasingly affecting people’s actual life, from the matchmaker to dating, and then to the development of fast dating sites, dating sites. IResearch online dating from 2007 to 2008 "China Industry Research Report" shows that in 2007 China’s online dating users has reached about 22500000 people, the majority of users has exceeded the size of 10 million; in 2007 the overall online dating market reached 500 million rmb. It is worth noting that, with the previous 2004 ~ 2006 Chinese online dating market size were 20 million yuan, 70 million yuan, 180 million yuan, an average annual compound growth rate of nearly 100% compared to 2007 to 2011 years (including the campus network of friends friends and other concepts) the annual growth rate is expected to reach about 35%.

love and marriage website is a social networking site aimed at dating and dating. It is a typical branch of SNS. Since 2003, in the promotion of capital market, the successful model of imitation of European and American dating sites, dating sites Chinese got rapid development in China, currently on the market more well-known dating sites such as lily network,, cherished network, almost all born in the rapid development in the wave of stock.

development of Chinese love and marriage websites

looking at the development of foreign dating websites, it can be divided into three stages: the first stage is the concept formation period and service import period. At this stage the online dating methods exist independently of Internet users of Internet life, the concept of serious dating is different from other forms of online dating, and gradually get users especially in marriage age stage of unmarried authorized users. The second stage is service stereotypes. This phase is characterized by the online dating service mode is becoming more and more mature, service differences between different enterprises decreased, the number of registered users online dating service site has decreased, serious dating users settling down. The third stage is the expansion period of online dating service. At this stage, online dating services will directly challenge traditional dating services, and companies can rely on online services to shape brands into the entire Chinese marriage and marriage derivatives market. Now China’s marriage dating market is in the first phase of the transition to the second stage.

specifically, the development of Chinese marriage website is divided into the following periods: from 2004 to 2005 for the start-up period: now more active in the market several dating sites, most of them are then created, or get the first round of investment. In 2006, a group of professional dating websites began to emerge. Several well-known sites including Jiayuan, absolutely 100, marriage network, Lily network, have got the risk investment. At present, China’s major dating sites are as follows (see Table 1),:

can see, Jiayuan, is the imitation of foreign match.c>

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