Garbage space let my website be K

for a long time did not write articles, some things to write today, for your reference, I write down these days, do stand is not, a few days ago my station was suddenly Baidu K page did not immediately find the cause, not excessive optimization, no dead link, link the website ranking well, don’t want to be the cause of K.

Go to the KYW

afternoon news station for a moment, that this sentence in his " SEO half hour quick notes; try to use independent IP and spatial reasons: under the same IP other sites to be punished, may have an impact on your station. If you stand and a lot of garbage, pornographic station with a server, the search engine will love? " usually do not pay attention to the server IP whether Baidu seal, check today, scared me, there are more than 90 sites on the IP, more than 75 by K, some open, some only included a page, find the problem, to change the space immediately, for our small webmaster, it is not easy to find a cheap and fast space.

on the host network evaluation, IDC evaluation network, asked a lot of friends where the economic benefits, the best selection of a martial arts data, at 12 p.m. the station also online, talked to him, 200M space is 99 yuan, the price is cheap, and his space more types can change IP, a multi site can do one day, I tried, very fast, generating static pages is also very stable, check the same IP host on high quality, no garbage station, 95% sites have included Baidu, Baidu English station except put up a day, second days site, Baidu released home. Third days before the data are put out, the bridge expansion joints also ranked back to the original position, through this thing I told you never too cheap space, a penny goods, want to do a good selection of space good grasp, otherwise one day Baidu station K I’m not sure what the reason is.

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