Can personal websites continue to survive if affiliate revenues are abandoned

if you leave affiliate revenue, it’s hard for your website to survive. Then you need to think about it. On the other hand, Congratulations, your website is good.

for the majority of grassroots Adsense, Google exit the most worried about is whether Google Adsense is affected, advertising revenue is still guaranteed?. Although the advertising alliance is not the best choice, it is the main way for the new Adsense to realize the profit. Google Adsense alliance appeared in China before, so even if Google quit China, it should have no influence on advertising alliance, so the webmaster can rest assured. But individual stationmaster also learns a little from Google exit — website cannot rely solely on alliance income.

for the novice webmaster, advertising alliance is an important way to achieve profitable website early, but it is not a permanent solution. In addition, the domestic advertising alliance is still relatively imperfect, the unit price is not high, the amount of deduction is serious, and relatively unstable, webmasters often have to worry about when the union account was K and so on. Should the website develop for a long time or do you need an ideal profit model?. Although there are a lot of people through the monthly income of tens of thousands, are in the minority, are relatively passive. Many Internet entrepreneurs, do not have purely for entertainment, but also to consider the problem of income, the income is king! Diversified website profit pattern, a lot of people will say, but how to achieve diversification? This is the webmaster urgently looking for answers.

e-commerce is the current discussion more lively online profit model, with the development of Internet e-commerce China, Shirupozhu, plays an increasingly important role in people’s life. Many traditional enterprises, through e-commerce, to achieve trade, promotion from offline to online changes, for the development of enterprises injected new vitality. Personal website as the forefront of the Internet industry, how to combine e-commerce, realize the diversification of the website profit, is the problem that stationmaster pays more and more attention to.

once a senior said, personal website to better development, it is necessary to consider the combination of e-commerce. If you rely solely on alliance income to survive, the site is doomed to long-term development. Advertising alliance is just an expedient measure, limiting too much, no initiative, and developing personal websites as soon as possible. This Thursday (3.25) A5 forum will invite the Department weekly version of Mr. Fu Dekun Valley to explore together how to combine e-commerce website profitable "topic, if you are interested in electronic commerce, the electronic commerce website and how to effectively combine with doubt, welcome to discuss. For personal websites and e-commerce, he introduced several commonly used methods. One is to build e-commerce system. Find their own sources, find some suitable for sale on their own products, their own sales. Two is to do distribution, hang such as customers such as split into ports. Three is also doing distribution, and now specializing in e-commerce goods distribution platform, the site as long as the independent port to connect, just sell, do not worry about other

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