Analysis how to optimize keyword ranking difference

why keywords ranking will be poor,


first, we need to find out why, and then we can solve the problem. We do not know why, but just go to the hair chain, do editing. SEO without effect is a hooligan. So how do we find the problem and solve the problem? Nanping SEO four step to solve the problem of poor ranking of keywords.

one, analysis website type, keyword

>: first of all, analyze the types of websites we use and the types of keywords that affect rankings. When we do the site keywords positioning, we should have a clear theme, if we don’t know our website what to do, what do you think is the key words, Baidu will know the types and keywords of our website? Our website positioning keyword will determine the theme of a website. Of course, here, Nanping SEO recommends that you do not do illegal, deceptive, involving political and other non formal stations.

two, competition outside and inside station

1> to determine if keywords are involved in the rankings, and if there are no rankings for keywords that are not involved in ranking.

so how do we judge whether a keyword in the rankings? Judgment standard generally is: before Baidu keyword ranking is called a two page after page two in the rankings, not closed key words ranking optimization.

2> when we analyze our website keywords do not rank, need to stand outside the main: keywords on the page outside the station to promote, can drain. The following Nanping SEO introduced outside the station keywords promotion method:

adjust the layout of the keyword outside the station

II soft Wen, social networking site promotion, that is, we usually say that the chain promotion.

in short, the word, and in short, is to click the weight and link vote to optimize the site, has reached the key to improve the ranking of the cemetery.

3> station optimization

in the main direction of optimization is to meet the needs of users, the internal chain and matching content must be optimized for the user as the basic.

first, we consider the search for the keyword user’s needs to understand what most users want and what they want to do. When we understand these, in the optimization of these problems in the station, at this time we greatly meet the needs of users. What’s the reason why users don’t come to our website?.

keyword creative (ie Baidu snapshot of the text description) for user needs, in order to attract users to click. If the title does not satisfy the user’s click intention, then even if your content is so excellent, how good is it to write it? Is it someone who reads it? So we need to optimize the title.

4> the details of the site,

search >

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